Take Penetration Testing tools to the next level!

Our Company

ExploitsArt is a solid company, created to provide penetration testing solutions as its primary product. We help clients and organizations worldwide enhance the security of their information security systems and comply with industry regulations.

Enjoy the surpassing experience of our global security strategists, who will estimate your risks and help you protect your valuable assets. The result of our services is a business-driven, risk-focused security strategy, operating model and compliance plan that is carefully designed for your business' unique needs.
While preparing your business for a significant disruption, you’ll need cyber and traditional consistency and recovery strategies that involve personnel across all levels of your business. By providing completed response plans, we help you align your business consistency programs with your organizational structure in order to build business flexibility.
Our business-centric, enterprise-wide security strategies, and operating models help you define a security plan that covers administration, procedures, technologies, metrics and crisis management, how security investments and resources deal with a real-world attack and improve readiness.

Our Values

We are aware your business comes up against constant restrictions of time, budget, technical talent, and innovation. The question is how you find room for cyber security along with all the above. Well, we have good news! You don’t have to. After all, the primary purpose is that you serve your own customers and focus on what you do best. While you do that, ExploitsArt will take care of the cyber-security part and protect what is worth.


Our culture is about making security simple for our clients. From discussing your needs in a plain way through to delivering all software solutions. Our first goal is combining industry leadership and innovation with high levels of customer service.


Nowadays, cyber security has become a high-profile issue. When it is not solid enough, there are big dangers lurking about both an organization’s capitals and reputations. Our bold strategy and custom-built capabilities aim to reduce cyber risk, protect customers efficiently and minimize the damage when breaches happen.


We believe that a 24 x 7 security center run by experts is the cornerstone of your business’ protection. We work non-stop to make sure our clients are secure and satisfied, without neglecting our commitment to offer world class service.


In fact, your organization should spend its technical resources on solving profitability-related problems instead of building costly internal cyber-security systems. With this approach, ExploitsArt relieves your company from the burden of cyber security and take away the struggle to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks.

Our Leadership Team

Let’s be honest, we’re hackers at heart. We look beyond the borders of convenience, discover uncharted territories and unravel complexity with a simple logic. That is to make the internet a safer place.

Orson Samwell
CEO and Founder

Orson is one of the founders and leading experts on cyber security. He leads business development, sales and account management for ExploitsArt. Considering this role, Orson is responsible for taking new, as well as current clients, through the experience of ExploitsArt cyber security services. Orson founded ExploitsArt, to cover the growing need for independent cyber security products.

Rufus Swan
Co-Founder and Operations Manager

Rufus holds the role of growing and maintaining relationships with our clients and making sure products are delivered on time and to their requirements. He is also responsible for marketing development, customer communications and for creating events and promotional opportunities for ExploitsArt.

Xander Garment
Penetration Tester and Head Developer

Xander takes over a wide range of information security testing including web application security tests, runtime analysis, and social engineering. He owns the leading role in the developing team, as his coding skills are unmatched. He ensures that our products are always up to date and fully functional.

Some of our trusted partners

Another key point is that ExploitsArt works with trustworthy software organizations.
This way, we are able to provide you with even more efficient products day by day.
Here are some of our partners that you trust as much as we do.