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There is a huge demand in the software market for an integrated data protection tool.
In order to address that need, we provide you Java Crypter.
By being one of the few crypters that perform Java encryption, Java Crypter has earned its place among the elite of its kind.

Incredible features

What makes our Java Crypter unique is that it encrypts Java-based programs (JAR files). That means we now offer you the solution to the problem of protecting your Java programs. Java Crypter, the top choice of Java programmers around the globe.


Registry and additional StartUp

Startup and installation feature to make sure your files run after a system reboot. Moreover, persistence and process protection so that it never stops running.

Code Scrambling/Adding Scrap code

Achieve full encryption of your files by using the methods of code scrambling and adding scrap code.


After going through a long period of testing processes, Java Crypter has proven to be compatible with most of the programs.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is 24/7/365 available to help you with any questions about Java Crypter.


Our Java Crypter is fully customizable. Thus, you can make it work however it better meets your needs.

Strings Encryption

On the top of all that, Java Crypter allows you to encrypt strings and files with the use of a randomly generated algorithm.

Java Crypter Preview

In order to help you understand how Java Crypter works, we provide you with some insight below. This preview includes screenshots and instructions on how to use this powerful crypter.

The Java encryption you were looking for



Java Crypter is a crypter coded from scratch in Java. Its purpose is to provide a complete and stable .jar file encrypting solution. This is not a usual and common crypter. It makes the encryption of Java-based programs easier than ever. Our main goal is to provide customers with an integrated solution to meet their needs and give reliable and fast results.

User-friendly GUI 




This is what you see once you launch Java Crypter. Indeed, it’s as simple as that! Java Crypter offers simple and simultaneously powerful options through a friendly interface. This way, it is incredibly easy to use for everyone.

Various Options




Now let’s take a closer look at the options of Java Crypter. By clicking on the checkboxes, you can enable or disable main features, such as Code Scrambler, the addition of scrap code, String Encryption, and Class Generation. Below, you can see the decryption key generator. Finally, choose the SilentBytes client if your input .jar file was created by that and just click on the Run button.

Client Options




By expanding the client options, you can choose the appropriate one for your .jar file, such as JRat for files built using that client, for example.

Custom Client Option




Last but not least, you have the option of choosing Custom Client for your .jar file. In this case, you get to define the path where your file is executed by using the Main class field.

Why Choose Java Crypter

Any crypter can offer file encryption and do the job. But why is Java Crypter the first choice of Java programmers when it comes to data protection?


Java Crypter

Our Java Crypter is an innovative product, specially designed for Java encryption. It is always stable and fully functional. Additionally, it comes with the best customer service and constant updates.

Stability and Quality

Our experienced developers are equipped with some serious skills and work tirelessly to provide you the best solution for Java protection. Developed in Java language itself, Java Crypter is the best tool for Java programmers who want to protect their data from reverse engineering.

FUD Encrypted Files

After many scanning tests, we have come to proudly offer you a Java Crypter that entirely encrypts your .jar files and makes them fully undetectable.

24/7 Support

Our customers are our first priority and we prove that every day. We offer continuous support and professional approach to your problems around the clock. Here you will have the full attention of an entire team. Don't settle for anything less.

OS Compatibility

Java Crypter covers a big range of users since it is compatible with the most popular operating systems. It is tested and working perfectly on all Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Data Protection

The best way to protect your Java-based files is with a reliable crypter.

Fully Undetectable

The results of Java Crypter are fully undetectable files for an integrated encryption process.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is here to answer your questions anytime.

OS Compatibility

Java Crypter is confirmed to be compatible with the most-used operating systems.


In order to make it easier for all our customers, we offer four packages to choose from, depending on your needs.

3 Month Package

- 3-month License
- 3-month JAR Encryption
- Advanced FUD Crypter
- 3-month Strings Encryption
- 3-month Code Scrambling
- 24/7 Live Support

6 Months Package

- 6-month License
- 6-month JAR Encryption
- Advanced FUD Crypter
- 6-month Strings Encryption
- 6-month Code Scrambling
- 24/7 Live Support

Lifetime Package

- Lifetime License
- Lifetime JAR Encryption
- Advanced FUD Crypter
- Lifetime Strings Encryption
- Lifetime Code Scrambling
- 24/7 Live Support

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