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There is a huge demand in the software market for an integrated password recovery tool.
In order to address that need, we provide you Panda Keylogger.
Supporting a large variety of applications, Keylogger has earned its place among the elite of keyloggers.

Incredible features

A keylogger is what its name states. In particular, a piece of software that captures the keys hit on a keyboard. But don’t get confused. Keylogger is so much more. The features are outstanding.


Password Recovery

Never lose your passwords again. Panda Keylogger recovers passwords from multiple applications.


Keylogger can be a control tool, so you can monitor what is happening on your personal computer when you are not there.

Multiple Recovery Options

With Keylogger you can choose between SMTP or FTP log delivery. SMTP stands for email receiving and FTP for your personal host.


The GUI of Panda Keylogger makes it easy to use, even for beginners.

Configuration options

Keylogger offers multiple optimization features like colored logs and much more.

Screenshot Capturing

Another amazing feature of Panda Keylogger is giving you the option of taking screenshots, as well.

Why Choose Panda Keylogger

Any keylogger can record a bunch of activities in encrypted log files and send them to the administrator via email. But why is Panda the top rated and best seller in the market?


Panda Keylogger

With Panda Keylogger you won't have to worry about downtime anymore. It is always stable and fully functional. Additionally, it comes with the best customer service and constant updates.

Stability and Quality

Panda is not only the most stable keylogger in the market, but it also gets automatically updated once you open it. It will never let you down with some bug or glitch.

Full Guidance

Obviously, we understand that a lot of you are not familiar with keyloggers and how to use them. Thus, we offer the guidelines and walk you through the process. With the best technical team by your side, nothing is difficult.

24/7 Support

Our customers are our first priority and we prove that every day. We offer continuous support and professional approach to your problems around the clock. Here you will have the full attention of an entire team. Don't settle for anything less.


Panda covers a big portion of users since it is compatible with the most popular OS of Windows. It supports a huge variety of applications to recover passwords from.

Stability and Auto-Update

Most important of the features is that Panda is solid and always working perfectly.

Discord Support

Are you a beginner or just not familiar with Web Panels? That's not a problem.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is here to answer your questions anytime.


Panda is 100% compatible with Windows Operating System.

Panda Keylogger Preview

In order to help you understand how Panda Keylogger works, we provide you with some insight below. This preview includes screenshots and instructions on how to use this powerful keylogger.

Log delivery options 


This is the first step after installing and launching Panda . In this tab, you define the way you would like to receive your logs with. By choosing SMTP, you can insert all kinds of e-mail addresses, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and more. In FTP you can set a private hosting for your logs.

Password Recovery Options



Next, you can choose where you would like to recover your passwords from. There are three categories: Browsers, Mail Clients, and others. These three expand to various options each so that your needs are fully covered.

Installation Settings


Exploring the settings, you first come across the ones regarding the installation process. Here you can see multiple features of Panda Keylogger and basically define how it will be working on your computer. In other words, this is where you customize the Panda however it suits you better.

Panda Build


This is the step where you build your Panda file. Click the Build button to proceed to your file naming step and complete the building.

Panda Keylogger Demo

Packages and Prices

In order to make it easier for all our customers, we offer three packages to choose from, depending on your needs.

1 Month Package

- 1-Month License
- Advanced Keylogger
- 1-Month Updates
- 1-Month Builds
- 24/7 Support
45,00 $

3 Months Package

- 3-Month License
- Advanced Keylogger
- 3-Month Updates
- 3-Month Builds
- 24/7 Support
94,99 $

6 Months Package

- 6-Month License
- Advanced Keylogger
- 6-Month Updates
- 6-Month Builds
- 24/7 Support
154,99 $

LifeTime Package

- LifeTime-Month License
- Advanced Keylogger
- LifeTime-Month Updates
- LifeTime-Month Builds
- 24/7 Support
254,99 $

Panda Keylogger - More details and features

Our specialized team of developers counts years of experience in the field and has created a qualitative product for our customers, Panda Keylogger. We always keep working hard to improve our products and their features, so you have a unique experience while using them.


Error Reports

If you come across an error, you can report it to us and we will fix it immediately.

Logs Delivery

There are three ways of receiving the logs. PHP Web Panels, SMTP, and FTP.


Panda Keylogger is fast and functional and certainly working on Windows computers.

Multilanguage Support

Panda Keylogger uses UTF-8 formatting and supports all languages and keyboards.

The Benefits are endless

Who could say no to a keylogger that offers double the benefits compared to the other keyloggers out there?
Don’t waste time and money on inefficient and limited keyloggers while you can have this multi-featured tool.
Panda is not just about keylogging. It includes a lot more amazing features.


Auto Update

After you buy Panda , our partnership is not over. It will auto update, so you will get the most out of its value.

Fake Messages

You can set pop-up messages to show when Panda Keylogger runs.

24/7 Support

Keylogger comes with continuous support, any time you need it. We are more than happy to help!

Fully configurable

It is quite amazing how easily you can make Panda Keylogger meet your needs due to the options variety.